SAL Progress

I started a SAL with Susan and her mom:


The chart, all kitted up, was a gift from my friend Kelly who had a GTG at her house before Thanksgiving.  Thank you Kelly!  Here’s my weekend progress:


So, I got a decent start… I actually spent most of the weekend working on cross-stitch-which-must-not-be-posted…. well, not yet anyway. 😉  Stay tuned for future pics.

Other weekend activities… I met Susan at House of Stitches Saturday morning for a little shopping and lunch…. visited Hobby Lobby and Jo-Anns for some finishing supplies, hung out with my DBF, and generally had a pretty relaxing weekend.

My cat, Mia, was just begging to have her pic taken when she sported this cute pose this afternoon:


Believe it or not, she’s pretty tiny underneath all of that fluff.  The best part of this picture is the fact that there is NO SNOW in the background… Its been a long winter and I’m so ready for spring!  … and speaking of spring….

I got an e-mail yesterday that Celebration of Needlework is expecting to have their registration form up on Tuesday! I’ve already booked my flight and reserved a hotel room!  I can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “SAL Progress

  1. Lucky you (on the no snow) – it snowed here all day. I’m so ready for spring, too.

    It was nice to catch up with you on Saturday; it’s funny, we’ll go a couple of months without seeing each other, and then they’ll be a flurry of occasions when we meet!

    I need to take a picture of my Hen Party SAL to post, too!

    I can’t wait until we can officially register for Celebration of NW, either!

  2. Great start! I like the color of that Hen House 🙂 I’m so excited for you about Celebrations…really I’m jealous 🙂 I would LOVE to go sometime…

  3. Love your progress on Hen Party – I’ve got mine started too. 🙂

    Now where is that CoN registration already. LOL

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