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Perennial Border – Starting Over

I was really unhappy with the lack of contrast shown in the previous post on the whitework interior of this project, which is what had attracted me to the project to begin with! So, I scrapped it, picked a cut of 32 count platinum lugana, then substituted the 5200 white DMC for the plain white called for in the pattern and am much happier!  I love my project again instead of feeling disappointed.  Here is the progress as of tonight: 2031264340029744911evAaiz_fs


I just need to finish up those leaves and then I’m onto the flower names that are backstitched around the whitework, then onto the flowers themselves.  I love the look of pulled stitches…. lots of eyelets and that center cross is the four sided stitch. I never officially joined the WIPocalypse, but I most definitely have a goal of finishing Alpine Seasons in 2012.  I started this project in 2005, I think.   That is my oldest WIP and is truly shameful…  so what that it will be my largest project to date (18-in x 18-in)?  So what if it is a confetti nightmare in sections?  It will be beautiful and needs to be on my wall instead of languishing, half finished in its project bag!