Fun and Productive Weekend

A couple of weeks ago we got an invitation to attend an art opening in Chicago.  The artists were DBF’s sister and her boyfriend, so we decided to go.  Since the opening was on a Friday night, we planned a mini weekend getaway!

Friday after work, we drove into Chicago and checked into the Palmer House Hilton downtown… this is a VERY nice hotel which we got a steal on through priceline…  I was dazzled by the beautiful lobby:


Wow… the room was really nice too.

We hopped on the El and went to the Morse Theater to catch a show by Duncan Sheik.  I expected an OK show by a guy who had a hit song in the early 90’s but was ultra impressed! Apparently he has been quite busy composing contemporary music for a couple of broadway shows, Spring Awakening and Whisper House… I was blown away. It was an incredible show and the Morse was a great venue.

Following the concert, we visited the gallery where DBF’s sister was exhibiting, The Fill in the Blank Gallery.  We visited his sister and her boyfriend, who was also exhibiting.


The next morning, we took an architecure tour through the Chicago Architecure Foundation.  DBF’s brother is a docent with the CAF and was conducting a tour of the hotel we stayed at.  In addition to the amazing lobby, there are some amazing ballrooms too.  This is the third CAF tour I’ve attended in the last couple of years and always enjoy them…

Next, we visited the Art Institute.  There was an exhibit by Edvard Munch that DBF wanted to see.

Finally, we had an early dinner at a great vegetarian place called the Chicago Diner.  The food was good, but I’ve yet to find a place that rivals my all time favorite vegetarian restaurant – Mizuna in Spokane, Washington.

We got home last night and I had a busy day of finishing pinkeeps. As these are secret in nature, I can only show one…
I’ll post the rest once the recipients receive their gifts!  Pinkeeps are my new favorite finishing technique… so easy!  So pretty!

9 thoughts on “Fun and Productive Weekend

  1. Duncan Sheik is great. I saw this show in NY.

    I guess if you’re not a Broadway enthusiast you wouldn’t have heard about his success there, but Spring Awakening won like 6 Tony Awards.

    His new record, Whisper House (not in production yet, but I guess there are plans for it to be) is really beautiful.

    This website tells the story of the play. Some nice animation:

  2. The pinkeep is beautiful!!

    Would you believe that my husband’s great-uncle built that hotel?? That and two others on that same street, although that one is definitely the nicest (and was built last). It cost about $3 million in 1928. Yes, that would be right before the stock market crash, and, yes, that would be why I’m not currently lying on a tropical island as a hotel heiress, LOL!!!

  3. Wow! Your pinkeep is beautiful and looks so sparkly. I think I might have to bump that one up my to do list after seeing it now!

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