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Day of Finishing!

Yesterday I visited Susan at her place and we pulled out all of our combined finishing supplies and went to work.

Here’s what the table looked like when we took a lunch break!

Susan gave me some great cording tips (I’m not very good at it) and I was able to finish the following:


Brittercup Britty Christmas Kitty (January Ornament)


Teresa Wentz)ler’s He Who Indulges

Next Susan helped me finish a VS Beyond Cross Stitch kit as my first ever pinkeep/ornament and I’m totally thrilled with the result! I think I see many pinkeeps in my future.


Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch Kit 4-06

Susan finished an amazing 5 pinkeeps!  It was a fun, educational (for me anyway), and productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Thanks Susan!

February Ornament

Today I finished up my February Ornament:

Mill Hill Poinsettia Tiny Treasured Diamond

I just love these ornaments… they stitch up quick and easy and are so pretty when done. Next time I’m at my LNS, I may take a look to see if there are any other that I like.  8)

Since its Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d post a pic of the beatiful tulips (my favorite flower) that DBF sent to me at work yesterday:

Last night a friend and I went to see He’s Just Not That Into You.  This friend and I have read the book as a much needed reality check in the world of dating after divorce.   The movie was very funny but I was a bit disappointed by the ending since it seemed to negate the truths spouted over and over throughout the rest of the movie!

Alpine Seasons Outer Border Progress

Here’s where I am on Alpine Seasons…. still working on that upper left hand quadrant.  My goal is to completely finish this (except for beads) before moving on.  After I finish the upper flower border, there’s two more lines of just straight cross stitch that form the final, outer border.   Now that the backstitched flowers are done, the rest should go pretty quickly.
Normally, I can get a ton of stitching done on Sunday and normally don’t post progress until Sunday night, but I’m driving to Buffalo, NY (@7 hours) for work tomorrow (Sunday) and will be there Monday, and probably drive back home on Tuesday.  I won’t be bringing AS, but I might bring an ornament to work on in the evening.

Awaiting Ornamentification…

I recently was showing a friend some of the stitched stuff I’ve done, but never finished and she said, “Those are ornaments!”

She was right…. here is everything that is awaiting ornamentification in my collection of stitched-but-not-framed-or-finished pile…


From top left:

  • Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch Kit – 3-06- Roses
  • Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch Kit – 6-06 – Daisy Chain
  • Miscellaneous Unknown Design from a magazine
  • Teresa Wentzler Think Snow
  • Teresa Wentzler He Who Indulges
  • Teresa Wentzler Closionne Ornament
  • Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch Kit – 4-09 – Rose Trellis

DBF and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight – I loved it!!!  The music was good too… I think it destined to end up on the “cardio” playlist on my iPod.

I do have some progres to show on Alpine Seasons, but haven’t had a chance to take a pic yet… stay tuned!

Previously Finished Projects – VS Hearts of America

I just love these little kits…. quick, pretty, and a “featured” stitch in each one.  I’d like to apologize in advance for the fact that these were taken with different cameras, scanners, and lighting conditions, so it’s not a “pretty” post. The finished ornaments were early on in my finishing days and not exactly something that I’d be proud of now, but I was proud of them when I did them…. Hopefully the designs and stitching make up for all that!

I had a goal of stitching one for every state that I’ve lived in… then making ornaments out of them…  I actually did this for my parents – Maine, NY, and Oklahoma.  I still have to finish the Oklahoma ornament for them.



I also stitched Florida as an ornament for my grandparents:


For myself, I need, to restitch NY and Oklahoma, but I’ve stitched the others…  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Indiana.  I lived in Colorado for one summer while doing an internship and am trying to decide if that counts….