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Its so cute!

I made this little needleminder using the sheep pattern from my CCN Winter’s Eve ornament (see post below).  I had some tiny ornament forms that I used, put a magnet between the front and the back of the form, then stuck a magnet on back.  I thought it was so cute that I had a hard time giving it away….  I think the recipient liked it though, so it was worth it.  I’m thinking of making more with initials, or other small motifs as gifts for my stitching friends.



I actually dreamed last night that I was at Celebration of Needlework….   I was confused and kept missing my classes and forgetting to go to the registration area.  I have dreams like this all the time that take place in college or high school… where I’ve lost my schedule and realize at the end of the semester that I totally forgot about attending a class and am suddenly faced with the final exam…. but really… translating this dream to Celebration of Needlework just cannot be normal!?

So… I’m taking off Thursday morning and will spend three blissful days away from work with some of my favorite friends, a stitching shopping mall, and hours and hours of uninterrupted stitching and class-taking.  What could be better?


2009 Ornament Update

I have a couple of finishes to show for my 2009 Ornament Project:

Here’s March:
The Prairie Schooler Snowy Night

The trees and house in this one look black, but are actually a very deep blue.  I’m thinking of finishing this one pinkeep style.

And.. here is April:

Country Cottage Needleworks Winters Eve

I just loved stitching this cute CCN ornament – love the sheep and the swirly pattern in the snow!  I’m thinking of finishing this one as a pillow type ornament.

I’m not sure what my May ornament will be, but whichever one I pick will be my travel project to take to Celebration of Needlework in about a week and a half (!!).

Thanks for looking!

Giveaway Winner is……

I used the list randomizer at and found that the winner of my blog anniversary giveaway is Daffy Cat!!!

List Randomizer

There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Daffy Cat
  2. Michelle
  3. Anne
  4. Kathy
  5. MMW
  6. Chris
  7. Karoline
  8. Brooke
  9. Carissa
  10. Dianne
  11. Cheryl
  12. Beth
  13. Lindsay
  14. Glenda
  15. Renee
  16. Jenny
  17. Sandy
  18. Susan
  19. Charisse
  20. Missy Ann
  21. Lisa
  22. Dawn
  23. Christine
  24. Olenka

Timestamp: 2009-04-15 23:03:36 UTC

Thanks so much for all of your comments… it was great to see comments from people I “know” through BBs and their blogs who have never commented before.  😀

I do have some new finishes to post.. but those will have to wait for another day…

Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Today is the one year anniversary of my blog!  Over the year, hits have been on a general increase:


Other Stats:

  • 98 Posts
  • 12,273 Total Views
  • December15, 2008 was the busiest day with 174 hits

I just love the comments I get regarding my blog, both comments left here and things people tell me in person.

So… I’ve decided to do an anniversary giveaway! I went shopping today and picked up some yummy stitching stuff for the lucky winner! Leave a comment on this post, along with an e-mail so I can contact you if you are the winner… I’ll do a random draw on Wednesday, April 15 and announce the winner here on my blog.

Thanks for looking at my blog over the last year and good luck!

Answers to Questions – Beaded Edge and Looped Ribbon on Pinkeep

In my last post, I was asked how I made the beaded edge on my name tag…

First backstitch all the way around your stitching, then repeat the backstitch on your backing fabric, which should be the same count of fabric.  I did just a short row to show how this works. On your project you will have backstitched a square all the way around your stitching with the same size backstitched square on your backing fabric.


Next fold your fabric edge along the backstitch so that the fabric edge is along the back side of your stitching. You can finger press the fabric or use an iron to set the fold:


You will do the same with the backing fabric, then hold the two pieces of fabric so that the backstitches line up with each other.  The back of the stitching should be facing the back side of the backing fabric, with the edges of the fabric folded down between the front and back fabric:


Thread a beading needle, then secure the thread behind the fabric and bring your needle up at the beginning of the first backstitch:


Thread your first bead onto the needle, then slide the tip of your needle through the first two backstitches. Do not pierce the fabric:


Thread another bead on and repeat:


Here’s how it will look as you continue along the backstitching:


You can change the look of the beaded seam by beading every other stitch or alternating bead colors with each stitch.

The other question asked was about how I did the ribbon loops on the top of my pinkeeps. I can’t tie a bow to save my life, so what I do is take a length of ribbon and fold it accordian-style between my fingers:


Next, I stick a pin through the loops to hold them together:


Insert the pin into the top edge of the pinkeep. The loops tend to swivel or rotate around the center pin, so I line it up so that the top and bottom loops are on top of each other, then secure in place with an extra pin on either side:


I hope that helps!

Another Nametag

This weekend I finished my stitched nametag.  I based it off of a Victoria Sampler Herbal Sachet design as I did the with the tags posted about below.  I couldn’t mimic the beautiful finishing work that Susan did on the others, so I finished with a beaded edge:


I’m really happy with the stitching, but not nearly as hapy with my finishing.  As a first attempt, I’m satisified enough that I’m not going to start over!  I considered it, though…

Have you had your Vitamin D Checked?

My dr checked this at my annual appointment this year and mine is way way way low!  😦

Now I’m taking 100,000 IUs per week for the next three months, then 1000 IUs a day for another month and they’ll check it again.  The USRDA is 400 IUs per day.  Honestly, I hope this is the missing link in my health since I’m so tired and listless all the time. 

Learn ALL ABOUT vitamin D at the Vitamin D Council website.