Day of Finishing!

Yesterday I visited Susan at her place and we pulled out all of our combined finishing supplies and went to work.

Here’s what the table looked like when we took a lunch break!

Susan gave me some great cording tips (I’m not very good at it) and I was able to finish the following:


Brittercup Britty Christmas Kitty (January Ornament)


Teresa Wentz)ler’s He Who Indulges

Next Susan helped me finish a VS Beyond Cross Stitch kit as my first ever pinkeep/ornament and I’m totally thrilled with the result! I think I see many pinkeeps in my future.


Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch Kit 4-06

Susan finished an amazing 5 pinkeeps!  It was a fun, educational (for me anyway), and productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Thanks Susan!


19 thoughts on “Day of Finishing!

  1. I had fun, Holly. I love how your ornaments turned out. I need to stitch a round ornament so that I can use one of those finishing forms.

    Did you show the little piggie to DBF? 🙂

  2. Jealous is me!! First because you had a play date with a friend. Second because you accomplished some gorgeous finishes! I really want to finish some pinkeep style ornaments. I have a few more weeks of life-sucking kid-related activities, and then I am going to get down to business! You’ve inspired me! Did I say how beautiful your finishing is?

  3. Great job Holly! I love the cording and tassle. I know how to make cording, but I’m not great at it. Making tassles is something I need to learn.

  4. What a messy table,!!!!! glad Susan showed a before picture. Your finishing is beautiful, and yes Susan is a very good teacher even all these miles apart she still gives me hints etc. She actually bought me a small machine that turns the thread for you when making cord, and it gets it really twisted tight.

  5. Great finishing. It is so much fun when you have a friend to help enjoy it. BTW, I love your little Britty Kitty. I volunteer at the local humane society and made this ornament for the girls last year.

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