Fine Friends are Few

I received this lovely pinkeep from my very dear friend Susan several weeks ago.  I have it sitting on my bookshelf along with the very nice card that she sent along with it.

Fine friends are indeed few…  I’m  blessed to have a few people in my life who I know will be life long friends and Susan is one of them.

Thank you so much!  This little reminder arrived right when I needed it most.


Its so cute!

I made this little needleminder using the sheep pattern from my CCN Winter’s Eve ornament (see post below).  I had some tiny ornament forms that I used, put a magnet between the front and the back of the form, then stuck a magnet on back.  I thought it was so cute that I had a hard time giving it away….  I think the recipient liked it though, so it was worth it.  I’m thinking of making more with initials, or other small motifs as gifts for my stitching friends.



I actually dreamed last night that I was at Celebration of Needlework….   I was confused and kept missing my classes and forgetting to go to the registration area.  I have dreams like this all the time that take place in college or high school… where I’ve lost my schedule and realize at the end of the semester that I totally forgot about attending a class and am suddenly faced with the final exam…. but really… translating this dream to Celebration of Needlework just cannot be normal!?

So… I’m taking off Thursday morning and will spend three blissful days away from work with some of my favorite friends, a stitching shopping mall, and hours and hours of uninterrupted stitching and class-taking.  What could be better?


Yay! SBEBB Exchange Received

Simone contacted me this morning to let me know that she received the exchange I sent to her.



I stitched Little House Needlworks Season of Plenty and fitted it to the box lid.  The raw edges of the fabric are covered with pumpkin patterned ribbon.  The circles below the ribbon were part of the pattern printed on the box, which didn’t have an autumn theme.  I thought leaving the circles exposed looked nice, plus, it helped me line up the ribbon so that it was straight… 😀

The bottom of the box is fully covered and lined with the green leaf fabric.  The inside bottom of the box is padded with the same fabric.   My picture of the inside of the box didn’t really turn out so well, but Simone has a nice pic of it, as well as the goodies included, on her blog.

Athough initially, I was quite stressed about my stitching and finishing being good enough to exchange, I had so much fun with this that I’ll probably sign up for another exchange some time soon.  The inspiration to finish as a fabric covered box struck me at the last minute and my tolerant DBF even went to Hobby Lobby with me to pick out the materials I needed.  😀

Special thanks to all of you who leave such wonderful comments on my blog.  I love reading them!