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My Good News

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I might have some good news to share….  A couple of weeks ago, a former employer (laid off from that job @7 years ago) called and asked if I would be interested in doing contract work for them.  That was most favorite job ever (technical writer), so of course I said yes!  Even though there’s no guarantee of continuing work, for now Im working for them:

  • At Home
  • Better $$ than I’ve ever made in my life
  • Doing a job that I love and am good at

Right now, they have 2-3 months worth of work laid out for me.   When I talked to a guy there I know a couple of months ago (asking if I could use him as a reference), he told me that they’d been bought out and that business was booming and they had plans to possibly hire more people if it continued that way….  maybe …. well… I don’t even dare to think about how fantastic that would be!

I’m thrilled with this… it just proves that you should NEVER burn bridges when you leave a job!

Alpine Seasons – Yet Another Progress Update!

Wow… I’m still feeling inspired to work on this, even though it’s the only thing I’ve worked on since the beginning of June.  I’m really happy with this picture, as I feel it shows all of the colors really accurately:


I just love this design, and can really say that I’m definitely over 1/2 way done! So, I’ll finish up that outer border in this section, then have other borders to stitch for the next quadrant. I love stitching borders as it’s not nearly as counting-intensive as the mountainy parts, which once stitched, are my favorite parts and what drew me to this piece to begin with.

Hey I just realized that I left the needleminder on there while I took the picture… so if you’re wondering WHAT that is on the left side of the center motif, it’s a little teapot shaped needle minder that my friend Jenny gave to me.  (Go check out her blog – she’s got a great new start!)

Oh yeah… I haven’t gotten my new scissors yet, but as predicted I DID find my others. Buried deep deeeeeep into the couch, down between the arm and the base of the couch – on the OPPOSITE side from where I normally sit and stitch. I have no idea how they got there….

Where are my scissors?

In the last month, I’ve lost two pair of scissors.  One was a limited edition ginger and the other was given to me by a friend and had a great stitched fob on it.  I’ve also managed to break another set that I adored and was a special gift from a friend.  Both of the lost sets were out on the table next to where I stitch when they disappeared.  I’ve looked where I normally keep scissors I’m not using… I’ve looked in the couch cushions and even looked in the areas where the cats like to hang out and sleep all day.  They are just gone.  😦

I decided that even though I’m unemployed and basically surviving on weekly unemployment paychecks (I refuse to spend savings unless it’s really important), I found myself at the Silver Needle website and got a little carried away! I ordered 3 pretty sets of scissors when I really don’t need any at all!  Nothing fancy or too expensive…but I couldn’t decide between the three I liked so I got all of them.  Besides, I have three large projects going right now and each of them really deserve their own set of scissors…. right???

My only saving grace over this is the fact that even though I have all day every day to drive the short hour to the House of Stitches (which happens to have a South Bend Chocolate source right on the way), I haven’t done so since right after I lost my job.  This has been my only stash enhancement since early March.

I’m on month two of working non stop on Alpine Seasons.  There have been some breaks here and there, but I’m making some good progress… expect an update pic soon!

I have some other possible good news, but I’m superstitious so I’m not going to say anything about it until it’s a sure thing….

Thanks for reading and have a good day!