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Finished Project of the Week – TW Smalls

Another post in my continuing (but long neglected) series of posts of projects finished before I started a blog!  This week I’m featuring a few of the smaller Teresa Wentzler designs I’ve completed, but not shown on my blog yet…

Think Snow:


Delft Flowers:


Square Mosaic:


Modified Square Mosaic finished as an ornament:


Alpine Seaons June Progress

Here’s about 3 weeks worth of progress on Alpine Seasons.


The confetti is turning into blobs!!! The fabric color in this pic looks much more accurate than it does in my last post.

I’m just now starting to work on the trees… which is what you see in the upper left hand corner of the shot.  The colors will be the “snow” on the trees.

I have a second interview on Wednesday – wish me luck!

Finished Project of the Week – VS Freebie

The “Finished Project of the Week” series of posts is for showing and talking about cross stitch finishes I had before I had I started my blog a little over two years ago.  I have neglected posting about my previous finishes, so here I go again!

Victoria Sampler Sea Shells:


This is a free pattern offered on the Victoria Sampler website and is based on her larger “Seaside Sampler.”  I edited the original pattern to take out the words “She Sells Sea Shells Down By The Sea Shore” and put in a little blue and white filling stitches instead.  I framed this myself with a frame I found at House of Stitches.  Its so cute!

Drive by post

I’m still working on Alpine Seasons and although I’ve put  many many hours into it over the last week, it still barely looks like I’ve done anything…  all I have is a confetti-ish sprinkling of stitches over the area I’m working on.  At this point, its not even worth an updated picture.   Right now I’m working a color that has some big blobs in addition to confetti, so maybe the big blobs will warrant a picture?

I am determined to finish up the confetti on this section before I move on to something else.  I fear that if I don’t, it could be another year before I pick it up again.  I keep thinking of how spectacular it will be when finished and NOT think about the fact that I started this 5 years ago.  It is easily my longest period of WIP status ever.  I need your comments to encourage me!

 The previous record for longest WIP ever was ~2 years and that was the Indigo Rose Desiderata Sampler.  Since the picture was taken, I’ve taken the framing apart and straightened out the block at the very top which was the result of poor lacing by a framer that I will never use again.  (Her shop has since gone out of business).  The bottom of this was also modified as I mysteriously ran out of fabric as I got to the bottom of the design.

In other news, after my interview last week it appears that I’m still in the running for the position I applied for.  I’m impressed by the company and would love to work there.  So, I’m on step 2 of a 4 phased interview process.  Wish me luck!