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Are you tired of my ornaments yet?

Stitched and finished my November ornament over the weekend:

Victoria Sampler Wreath Hearts

What a quick stitch and a beautiful ornament.. I liked the fact that it has a lot of yellow and isn’t the traditional red and green like most other ornaments have been.  The great thing about this ornament too is that it would be really easy to adapt to another color scheme, as it only has 3 colors to begin with.  I’m thinking some sort of overdye on the klosters would be particularly awesome.

I also finished an ornament stitched earlier in the year:

Lizzie Kate Holly

Woo Hoo!  Only one ornament for the year left to go!  I just gotta figure out what its going to be and try to finish it up ASAP.  I’m pleased with all of the new ornaments I have for my tree, but I’m kind of tired of finishing ornaments.  🙂

Keep any eye out and visit often as I’m planning to do a give-away to celebrate finishing the 2009 Ornament Project!