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What Do You Do With Your Biscornus?

This is another Sweetheart Tree Biscornu (Lavender Blossoms) I finished up a few nights ago:




This was a fun stitch… as you can see I simplified the back, which is designed to look just like the front.

I was so excited about receiving the Sweetheart Tree Stitcher’s Favorite Biscornu and Scissor Fob kits that I started them right away!  I’ve decided that the scissor fob will be my September ornament and finished stitching one side of it tonight.  I’ll post pics once its finished up as an ornament.  It is a quick stitch, any the tiny size makes it even more cute!

So, I have finished four biscornus total.  One I put a hanger on and gave as a Christmas gift last year, but the rest are just sitting in my bag of stitched stuff.  What should I do with them?  I could finish them as ornaments too, but it just seems like I should be able to do something with them so I can see them all year.   A friend suggested putting them in a basket, but I have two kitties that would just LOVE to bat those around on the kitchen floor.

So… what do you do with your biscornus?

Is this cute or what?

I saw it last night.

I called House of Stitches, who had just received their shipment today.

Pulled out credit card and ordered it!

I will probably start stitching it in a couple of days.

Sweetheart Tree Stitchers Favorite Biscornu!

And… the matching scissor fob!

Look at the little spools of thread!  Look at the tiny buttons!  I adore this.

Knitting Update and a Little Stitching

I finally finished my scarf. 🙂 I’m still not sure if I’ll do anything to finish it off, but I did like Missy‘s idea of chainstitching some sort of eyelash type fiber and sewing around the edges.

However, I’ve learned that stockinette stitch likes to curl up, which is a little annoying for a first project:

I might try some other pattern next time I feel like knitting up a scarf.

I finished side one of Sweetheart Tree’s Lavender Blossoms biscornu:


This is very sparkly in real life. I’ve started the back, which is supposed to be the same, but life is too short to repeat the whole thing (I would if it were different), so I’ll do the center motif, the border, the rhodes hearts and the fans in the corners and skip all of those vines.  I’ll probably put those giant pretty beads on too.  If I had to do this again, I’d skip the platinum fabric that comes with the kit and do it on white or antique white fabric.

I’ve discovered the ultimate multi-task!  I really wanted to read the new Dan Brown book, but didn’t want to take precious stitching time away to read, so I got the CDs!  I wasn’t sure if I could concentrate on both at the same time, but I can!  It makes me feel soooo productive and has the added advantage of drowning out the annoying football noises coming from the TV.  I was surprised tho, to find that the abridged version of the book is about 6 hours.  The unabridged (which I got) is over 17 hours.  How can you cut 11 hours out and still have the same book??  I’m baffled.  Anyway, I’m enjoying it and see many trips to the library for audio books in my future.

Rollercoasters! Cedar Point!

I took the day off yesterday and went to Cedar Point and had an awesome time.  Stayed at the resort to get an hour early entry pass, then once the park opened to the public, the lines stayed really short or were non-existent.  I waited 20 min at most for Millenium Force and maybe 30 minutes for Top Thrill Dragster.  The rest of the rides were pretty much walk up and ride.

All of this resulted in 17 rollercoaster rides for the day.  Click the links to get ride info or watch point of view videos:

I also rode Skyhawk – not really a rollercoaster but really fun!

What a great day at Cedar Point!

August Ornament – Just In Time

Sunday I went to visit some of the Wisconsin stitchers and we had a fun GTG.  It so much fun to hang out with smart, beautiful, and strong women!  Between my job and home life, I don’t get a whole lot of “Girl Time.”

I brought my August ornament to the GTG and managed to finish it off:

Lizzie Kate “Christmas Spirit with Charm Holly/Stocking”

The colors are off a bit in the pic, but I’m feeling too lazy tonight to fiddle with it any further.  🙂 I’m not totally crazy about this – but I needed something quick.  It seems like it needs something – some sparkle or something.  If anyone would like the pattern, which also includes the “stocking” design (and the charm for that one), e-mail me with your address and I’d be glad to put it in the mail to you.  First come/first served.

I’m looking forward to this month’s release of the JCS Ornaments issue.  I’m not feeling inspired by any of the ornaments I’d planned to stitch this year, so maybe something in there will grab my attention for the September ornament??

After finishing the ornament, I picked up a partially finished Sweetheart Tree biscornu that’s been an on-again-off-again project and put a few more stitches in it:
Sweetheart Tree Lavender Blossoms Biscornu Kit

I also recently noticed that Sweetheart Tree has a pumpkin biscornu kit out!  I’ll have to pick that up sometimes as I love All Things Fall.

I want to finish up my scarf knitting project – then get back to work on Alpine Seasons.

I’m taking Thursday off work to go to Cedar Point!  I LOVE rollercoasters and this is the place to go.  I went earlier in the summer, but didn’t get to do everything I wanted to, so I’m going back.   Millennium Force is my absolute favorite – 96 mph and perfectly smooth.  If you go to the site, you can watch Point of View videos of the rides.  Not nearly as much fun as the wind in your hair, but if you love coasters, its worth a look.