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Sooo Tempting!

Have you seen the latest Victoria Sampler Exclusive Cyberclass?

Mermaid Song:

OMG I love love love this and have always been happy with the VS Cyberclasses that I’ve taken, which were for exclusive designs that I had to have NOW.  I didn’t think I needed help with stitching the designs, but followed the classes anyway and picked up so many great tips!  Anyway, while I do love the design, my hopes for this cyberclass would be that the finishing instructions were more in depth than what is normally in the leaflets.

I decided to pass this time, mainly because I don’t really want any distractions from some of the stitching goals I have right now.

Anyone taking this cyberclass?

2009 Ornament Update

I’m still not stitching a whole lot, and haven’t felt motivated to pull out any of my larger projects, but I was feeling bad about getting behind on my 2009 Ornament Project, so I’ve stitched these over the last two weekends:

Stitched in June, but will be called the May ornament:


Brittercup’s Poinsettia from JCS 2007 Christmas Ornaments

Just Nan A Little Joy From JCS 2002 Ornaments

I have to say, the Just Nan is my favorite of the 2009 ornaments so far.  It’s pretty sparkly IRL and I love the checked fabric.  🙂   Each of these were stitched over a weekend and I think will be easy to finish – whenever I get around to it.  I’ll have an Ornament Finishing Extravaganza on the next rainy weekend.  😀

Stitching Slump

I haven’t been stitching much the last couple of weeks, so have had nothing interesting to post.  I did have a little finish last night:


Victoria Sampler Summer Biscornu Free Design

I finished this for the contest being held in the Victoria Sampler Yahoo Discussion Group.  Thea published the pattern then invited people to stitch their own version.  There are some beautiful entries already and I added mine to the contest album this morning.  I’m happy with how it turned out, and it is what I envisioned, but honestly feel not worthy to enter up my entry next to the others.  There is a prize being offered, which would be great, but I had a lot of fun picking out colors and thinking about what I wanted to do regardless of any prizes.

I’m feeling a bit in the mood to work on one of my larger projects – maybe Alpine Seasons.  I saw it stitched up and framed at Celebration of Needlwork – it was gorgeous and sparkly with all of the beads and crystals added.  Very inspiring!

I went and saw “Hangover” last night and am still LMAO when I think of certain scenes.