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Alhambra Update

Just a quick update!


I have a couple of small projects I want to work on, then I’ll decide if I should work on this some more or go back to Alpine Seasons….

A Sweet Little Finish…

Here is Sweetheart Tree’s “Pink Flowers on Gingham” finished as a biscornu:




These aren’t really the best pictures, but I took about 20 of them and then decided just to do the best with what I had. ūüôā¬† I stitched up the side using the pink beads on every other stitch.¬† Its not obvious in these pictures, but this is stitched on pretty pink and white gingham linen¬† Besides the linen though, it¬†didn’t call for anything special.. just DMC and mill hill beads.¬† It was a fun, quick stitch and a perfect pick-me-up for my unemployed status and also for impending spring.¬† I wouldn’t be surprised if I stitched this again someday as an ornament or a pincushion.


Last weekend I went to see a butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.  It was wonderful!  The butterflies were in the enclosed tropical gardens which is amazing even without butterflies everywhere!





The one below was my¬†favorite butterfly! It was larger than the others and when the wings are folded like this, although pretty, it is a bit drab. When the wings are open, they appear to be a brilliant blue! I caught a pic of one flying that follows, but since it didn’t turn out that great, I’ve included a pic that was part of the exhibit…




They also had a nice exhibit of the cocoons where you could watch the butterflies hatching that was pretty cool. The exhibit will be going on through April, and I might like to go back to see if there are any new ones that weren’t there last weekend.¬†¬† If you’re within driving distance, it would definitely be worth the trip.

Goodbye Watchmaker Cases…

I loathe the watchmakers cases I’ve been using to store my beads in.¬† The lids don’t fit right unless you bend the bases enough to make the lids stick… and last time I went to look for beads, I opened one of the cases to find that most of the beads had somehow spilled out of their individual containers and were a mixed mess. So, over the weekend I was in Joanne’s and saw this!


The individual containers are clear and have screw top lids! I bought two! I did a little bead organizing today and ended up with this:


Yep – those are all of the beads I have (not very many, I know).¬† I used a fine-tipped sharpie to write the bead numbers on the lids.¬† I might try to find some tiny sticky labels for future use, but for now, I’m happy with this. Over the weekend I worked on a little piece that I ordered from House of Stitches.¬† It’s Sweetheart Tree’s Pink Flowers on Gingham:


Isn’t it pretty?¬† I love that gingham linen!¬†¬†I’m going to stitch it again and make a biscornu (It came with a heart shaped button for the center which isn’t attached yet).¬† I knew my friend Susan would like it and sent one to her also and we’ve been doing a stitch along together.¬† I also ordered SHT’s new Colonial Roses Biscornu. I won’t be getting any new stash anytime soon.¬† I lost my job last week and just can’t justify anything new when I’ve got so many things I can start and work on in my stash already. Its finally warming up here!¬† I went out today without a coat!¬† The piles of snow are melting!¬† I’m looking for crocus…..