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Holiday Stitching

I think I’m starting to get my stitching mojo back!  I did a couple of ornaments for friends… you’ve seen these before, but here they are again with new names!  These are the Victoria Sampler Virtues ornaments with names replacing the virtue words.  People just love these and they are so quick and easy that I end up making them every year!  I know I’ll do more so I just keep all of the fabric and floss and ornament forms kitted up:



I also started a new project – The Drawn Thread Perennial Border This thing calls for a huge amount of colors for such a small project that only has color in the outer most border of the project… How many greens do you really need???  🙂  I like it though and  the flowers look like lots of fun to stitch – lots of different kind of stitches.  Here’s what it will look like, hopefully, when I finish it.

My progress so far, and all of the floss….


You can just barely see the whitework I’ve started in the middle.  I’m using the recommended thread and fabric and I’m hoping it’ll pop a bit more once I’ve added more of the textural stitches.  Its platinum fabric with white DMC.  Maybe I should’ve used the extra white stuff?  Or maybe perle cotton?  Or maybe I pulled 28 instead of 32 fabric?  I just hope it all works out in the end.

The Pumpkins Are Complete!

Wow… I’m writing a blog post!

This momentous event is due to the fact that I actually finally finished a project.  The Sweetheart Tree Pumpkin Biscornu is finally finished!  I started it… like… a year ago.  Anyway, I hated it while working on it, but of course, like it now, so here it is in all of its glory!




Isn’t it cute?  Check out the little spiders on the second pic!

I’ve done some other stitching on and off – primarily on Chatelaine’s Alhambra…


The colors on that should actually appear a little brighter…. and the fabric is white as opposed to a lavenderish color, but I’m too lazy to try a new picture.  🙂

So other updates, miraculously, I still have my job. That’s all I’ll say about that, besides the fact that I recently updated my resume and took calls from recruiters.

I’m going to Grand Rapids tomorrow to see Les Miserables… for the 6th time. I just can’t help myself! Its only two hours away… I must go.

So, not sure when I’ll blog again, so I hope everybody has a great holiday season!