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For those who don’t know, I recently accepted a job a couple of states away.  Its a great job/career opportunity and I’ve been looking to have a good reason to move out of Indiana for years now….  amazingly enough, I was there for 9 years.  Indiana stats:  3 jobs, two professional certifications, one new car, 30 pounds, 5 long term relationships, and three marriage proposals.  Unfortunately (fortunately??) the one proposal I would have said yes to never came.  🙂

I hate moving.  I took the easy way out tho and paid someone to pack up my stuff and move it for me.  Yes… my credit card is smoking, but it drastically reduced the stress level for me.  The movers didn’t finish up until 6:00 pm on Friday, so I ended up driving 8+ hours in the dark.  I guess I could have stayed in my empty apartment and left the next day, but after two weeks of getting everything planned, I was just ready to go!  I arrived at my hotel at 2:45 am Saturday morning.  I was sooo ready… I only stopped for a break/coffee once.  So my stuff is somewhere in Delaware and I’m in a hotel with my two kitties.

Moving, or specifically driving, with two cats in the back was a major stressor, but after I had to enlist the help of one of the movers to get the more athletic kitty into his carrier, it was a breeze!  They typically freak out when going to the vet, so I was worried about having to listen to them cry and/or freak out during  the trip, but they were troopers!  They just chilled out in the backseat and I heard a meow or two every hour as if to say, “hey, you realize we’re back here, right?”  So, the three of us are in a pet-friendly hotel and one cat hasn’t come out from under the bed since we got here.  I hope she’s eating/drinking during the night while I’m asleep.  The other (athletic type) is far less shy and a survivor – he’s doing all of his normal things, including sitting in the window to guard us against any birds, squirrels, or insects that may attack us in our sleep.  🙂

So I think I found where I want to live this afternoon.  Its perfect and is only 3.5 miles from work.  I just need to check into things like utility costs, and will probably submit the application tomorrow.  🙂  I brought enough stuff to be able to move in and camp out there until my stuff arrives.  Its at the very top of my price range, and was hoping to pay less, but its exactly what I’m looking for!  Including a garage and a partial basement for storage.    Here is the floorplan:

I like the 3 floor thing with the bedrooms (the unit I want has bedroom #2 and #3 combined for one big room) on the top floor and the living area on the main floor.

So I start work a week from tomorrow.  I am excited and now that I’m here, I’m positive that this was the right thing for me to do.  🙂