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I’ve been stitching since 1988 and enjoy stitching Teresa Wentzler, Victoria Sampler, and anything else that happens to catch my eye.  I also enjoy making candles and crocheting.  I think my first crochet afghan will be finished sometime within my lifetime, but hopefully by the time I retire (30 years?).


I support my stitching and other crafts through my work as a project engineer.  My engineering degree has taken me down several different paths, including project engineering, technical writing, the quality field, and now as a test lab engineer.  The only common theme in my career is that I always seem to end up working in manufacturing.


I grew up in and around the Adirondacks in upstate New York and have lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Indiana, and now Pennsylvania.


Thanks for visiting my site and stop by again soon!

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Holly: I saw your French knot piece and I have also seen her charts. I love the designs, and I think I will try one. Thanks for posting. Did you grow up anywhere near Crogan? Just interested. Keep stitching, it is so much fun.
    Janet from NW Ga, formerly of NY state, Rochester!

  2. Holly,

    I just discovered your site and love it! As a x-stitcher of 30+ years, I’m obviously addicted. Although I never need to buy another chart (my stash is extensive), I’ve just discovered Margaret Sherry’s “Crafty Cat” from the Cross Stitcher (UK) magazine (June, 2003) and am trying to find a copy. It’s available on eBay (UK), but I’m looking for it in the States to avoid paying overseas shipping, etc. Googling led me to you. Would you be interested in selling your copy? As the “mother” of a cat just like one in the design, I’d really love to stitch it. Thanks a lot!

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