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I got a new Scrabble board from my parents for Christmas – the LL Bean one. When I put it away with the others, I started to wonder if I had a problem, then took a pic:


I’ve decided that I don’t have a problem yet….  but whenever I see a new version, I’m tempted to buy it.  I don’t know why since you can only play one at a time.  I also have a computer game and play it on facebook occasionally too.

I started playing in the summer of 1987 when my family relocated to Oklahoma.  We had to wait on the house closing so we lived in a Holiday Inn for most of the summer.  We got a Scrabble board and started playing by the pool a lot.  I probably really got into it when I was married to someone who could beat me most of the time.  I got better and I used to play with my last boyfriend, who used flashcards to memorize the two letter words!  When he and I played, it was anyone’s game.

However, I no longer have anyone to play with.  😦  I need to see if there’s a group in the area that gets together.  I hear there used to be a group at either Borders or Barnes and Noble on Sunday nights.

Feel free to challenge me on Facebook!

Sad News – TW Designworks is Closing!

I read today that Teresa Wentzler’s design business is closing!  Read about it on her website.  Boo hoo!  See below for pics of the TW designs that I’ve stitched over the years…  I still have some of her stuff in my stash and am sure I’ll get to them someday!

I finally have a computer at home again, so will be catching up on my blog reading and writing soon.  I’ve been working on my December ornament and chose something relatively challenging.  It’s 4″ in diameter and solid stitching, but I should be able to finish it up before the new year.

There have been some changes personally for me… I’m single again.  I think it needed to happen, as we had different ideas about what we wanted regarding our futures, and even though it saddens me, I’m doing OK.  We are still friends and spend (very platonic!) time having dinner or going to movies.  The worse part is that its the holidays and am spending a lot of time home alone as I don’t have any family locally.  Even though I’m doing OK, I’ll be really glad when the holidays are over. 🙂

Here is a selection of some of my finished TW Designs.