Oh Christmas Tree!

I finally got my Christmas Tree out and set up.  I really wasn’t too excited about doing it and haven’t felt in a holiday mood, but then I decided maybe I wasn’t in a holiday mood because my Christmas Tree wasn’t up yet!

Here is the tree – the tree skirt was made for me by my grandmother:

I have several stitched ornaments on the tree that I thought I’d show pictures of… some were made by me and others were given as gifts or received in ornament exchanges:








There are a couple of other stitched ornaments on the tree, but I felt like this post was getting a little too photo intensive! As I was hanging my ornaments last night, I had the thought that I’d love to have even more stitched ornaments on my tree, and might try to stitch at least one a month in 2009, either to keep for myself or to exchange with others. 🙂

The tree has been up for two days now and the kitties have not destroyed or tampered with it in any way – AMAZING! It could be that I set up the vacuum cleaner (aka cat eater) next to the tree to discourage any sort of tree climbing or ornament batting. LOL. I should put some lights on the vacuum and a bow on top.

Thanks for looking at my tree and thank you always for the lovely comments that you all leave.

8 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. Your Christmas ornaments are so pretty and I’m inspired by your 2009 idea. But with school reopening soon (I’m an overworked secondary school teacher!!!), I doubt I’ll have the time to be committed to such a long project. Good luck & Happy stitching 🙂

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