Another Biscornu

Here is the Sweetheart Tree Holiday Holly Biscornu, finished as an ornament with a beaded hanger:

Here’s a picture of the side that kind of shows with the other stitched face of the biscornu looks like:

I have to say, I didn’t like stitching this AT ALL….  I have vowed never ever use opalescent or any other sparkly fabric!  There were times that I just wanted to toss this and start again on some really nice 28 count  evenweave.  I don’t think the effect of the sparkly fabric was worth the headache of stitching on it.  NEVER AGAIN

So, I finally fnish and get to the finishing part of the project, thinking that this was the easy part, and either my beads were too small to fit over the end of the beading needle… or… the thread I used to sew the biscornu shut and attach the beads would get tangled on every other stitch!

However, I can say that I’m really happy with the way it looks now that its all finished.  🙂

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to work on next… the choices are:

For the new starts, I have everything I need to start right away with no shopping required, which sounds appealing right now.  What do y’all think?


10 thoughts on “Another Biscornu

  1. The biscournu is lovely – sorry it caused so much frustration!

    If it were me, I’d stitch a day or two on Alpine seasons and see if I could get a roll going toward some real progress – then if it doesn’t grab you, you can toss it aside for one of the smaller new starts – which are both great choices. 🙂

  2. The biscornu turned out fabulous!! As far as what to do next, my logical side says to work on your Alpine one (it’s gorgeous, btw!). I’m a sucker for starting new projects though (really like Snowflake!) 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! I hope it was great. 🙂

    Pretty biscornu. I haven’t worked on opalescent, and everyone’s comments on it are pretty much univerally negative, so I’m not sure I ever will. I agree with Jen, do a day or so on Alpine, and if you’re not picking up steam on it, put it aside for the LHN project.

  4. Beautiful finish. I stitched an RR on opalescent years ago, that was awful. However the JN Jingle tin & biscornu are done on opalescent and that was just wonderful.
    I would put a few stitches in Alpine Seasons.

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