Finished Project of the Week – VS Welcome Hearts

I took this as a Victoria Sampler Cyberclass.  I had everything printed out and was happily stitching away on it when our new golden retriver puppy, Buddy, jumped up onto the couch and grabbed my printouts from the cyberclass and proceeded to completely shred one of the pages before I could get to him.

I sent an e-mail to Thea, at Victoria Sampler, with the title “The Dog Ate My Welcome Hearts.”  I sent her a pic of the cute puppy, a pic of the shredded pattern, and asked her if I could get another copy of just that one page.


She was wonderful and sent me a PDF by e-mail and I finished up the pattern.  Here’s the finished product:


I’ve stitched this a second time, this time using white linen instead of platinum, red silk for the letters, gold beads, and gold kreinik for all of the algerian eyelets. (The original as shown here had purple beads and uses perle cotton for the algerian eyelets) It was a gorgeous modification – very elegant and christmassy!  I gave it as a very much loved and appreciated Christmas gift.

12 thoughts on “Finished Project of the Week – VS Welcome Hearts

  1. Holly! What an amazing piece! Beautiful work. And the puppy is very sweet. I hope he has learned to stay away from your stitching!

  2. They’re both cute (the project, and the puppy!). I’ll have to be careful that I don’t let Ethan see the puppy – he’s usually response to seeing any kind of puppy is “That’s the kind I’ve always wanted”. 🙂 (I’ve promised him that when I get a house, he can have a puppy – I’m “pushing” him towards getting a golden lab.)

  3. Welcome banner is beautiful … but that puppy shot just steals the show for me … just gorgeous, and the one dog I’ve always wanted (love love LOVE golden retrievers!) 🙂

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