Labor Day Weekend Stitching

Saturday morning, I finished up my latest project, Little House Needleworks Thread Gathering:


I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. It is my first LHN design. I stayed up pretty late Friday and got up early Saturday to finish it up because I was excited to start my new project, Victoria Sampler’s Where Stitchers Gather. Here are all of the supplies ready to go. I just love the floss colors on this one…


I did actually get some work done on this over the weekend, but got home late from DBF’s family holiday thing today and I don’t feel like getting the camera out and uploading and stuff. I’m thrilled with how its turning out so far, so I doubt I’ll be able to contain my progress pic for too long, maybe later in the week…

Saturday I went on an emergency trip to a LNS, Needle Nest, because I found that I didn’t have the fabric I thought I did (wrong count) for starting Where Stitchers Gather… while I was there I looked through a whole bunch of Laura Perin designs looking for a couple that I saw on her website last week. I think its somewhat fortunate that they didn’t have the ones I was most interested in, as I have too much to stitch right now and am saving up for the marketplace at the Celebration of Needlework next month.  Anyway, I did pick up my first pair of stretcher bars for a canvas work design I have in my stash… to be started…. someday.

6 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Stitching

  1. Wow – Holly, you are a FAST stitcher! Congratulations on another finished project! I can’t wait to see pictures of Where Stitchers Gather!

    Hope your week has gone well for you so far!

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