Finished Project of the Week – TW’s Tradewinds

Here is the next installment of “Finished Project of the Week.”  In these posts, I highlight a project finished prior to when i started blogging.

The first Teresa Wentzler (TW) pattern I started was the Fruit Bellpull, but the first one I finished was Tradewinds!


I love this pattern! The only real modification I did was to put a half stitch of pearl kreinik over the white in the waves in the amazing border. It makes the waves actually look wet!

I love the framing of this and in the various houses its lived in, its always had a place of honor where it would be highlighted as obviously as possible.  Visitors always comment on how beautiful the design is…  It was really fun to stitch and I love the dolphins and mermaids in the borders and it was easy to break up into small areas for frequent little accomplishments.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all of the wonderful comments you leave!


8 thoughts on “Finished Project of the Week – TW’s Tradewinds

  1. What an accomplishment this is, Holly! Absolutely stunning!!!!! Thanks for sharing the picture.

    Thanks also for the sweet award — that’s so very kind of you. I will definitely post it on my blog this week!

    Take care.

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