Alpine Seasons – Yet Another Progress Update!

Wow… I’m still feeling inspired to work on this, even though it’s the only thing I’ve worked on since the beginning of June.  I’m really happy with this picture, as I feel it shows all of the colors really accurately:


I just love this design, and can really say that I’m definitely over 1/2 way done! So, I’ll finish up that outer border in this section, then have other borders to stitch for the next quadrant. I love stitching borders as it’s not nearly as counting-intensive as the mountainy parts, which once stitched, are my favorite parts and what drew me to this piece to begin with.

Hey I just realized that I left the needleminder on there while I took the picture… so if you’re wondering WHAT that is on the left side of the center motif, it’s a little teapot shaped needle minder that my friend Jenny gave to me.  (Go check out her blog – she’s got a great new start!)

Oh yeah… I haven’t gotten my new scissors yet, but as predicted I DID find my others. Buried deep deeeeeep into the couch, down between the arm and the base of the couch – on the OPPOSITE side from where I normally sit and stitch. I have no idea how they got there….


6 thoughts on “Alpine Seasons – Yet Another Progress Update!

  1. That is so beautiful, Holly! Yes, you’re more than 1/2 way done.

    I’m glad you found your scissors; you know a girl can never have too many scissors, right?

  2. Of course you found the scissors! Knew you would as soon as you said you bought more! hahaha.

    Love seeing your progress on Alpine. Consider posting on the Chatelaine BB. We haven’t had anyone show pics of this in a while, and I know the other stitchers would find your awesome progress inspiring. 😀

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