My Good News

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I might have some good news to share….  A couple of weeks ago, a former employer (laid off from that job @7 years ago) called and asked if I would be interested in doing contract work for them.  That was most favorite job ever (technical writer), so of course I said yes!  Even though there’s no guarantee of continuing work, for now Im working for them:

  • At Home
  • Better $$ than I’ve ever made in my life
  • Doing a job that I love and am good at

Right now, they have 2-3 months worth of work laid out for me.   When I talked to a guy there I know a couple of months ago (asking if I could use him as a reference), he told me that they’d been bought out and that business was booming and they had plans to possibly hire more people if it continued that way….  maybe …. well… I don’t even dare to think about how fantastic that would be!

I’m thrilled with this… it just proves that you should NEVER burn bridges when you leave a job!

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