Have you had your Vitamin D Checked?

My dr checked this at my annual appointment this year and mine is way way way low!  😦

Now I’m taking 100,000 IUs per week for the next three months, then 1000 IUs a day for another month and they’ll check it again.  The USRDA is 400 IUs per day.  Honestly, I hope this is the missing link in my health since I’m so tired and listless all the time. 

Learn ALL ABOUT vitamin D at the Vitamin D Council website.


7 thoughts on “Have you had your Vitamin D Checked?

  1. My husband’s doctor is a huge supporter of Vitamin D supplements, especially for us folks who are quite far north and don’t get to spend much time in the sun during the winter months. DH has type 1 diabetes and since he started taking a higher dose of Vitamin D, he’s noticed that his blood sugar stays more stable. I’ve been taking 2000 IU per day and it feels like I have more energy, too. Apparently the theory is that a proper Vitamin D level can help to counteract some autoimmune diseases. Hope it helps you!

  2. But did he give you a prescription for the Bahamas? Hawaii? Anywhere around the equator where its wonderfully warm and sunny?

    Boo if he didnt.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    (sounds like I should have mine check – cave troll that I am)

  3. Well that stinks to be feeling exhausted and listless…I certainly hope that it gets better soon…I’m so pale, that I think whatever sunlight I do get over the winter is immediately absorbed! LOL!

  4. Hi Heidi
    The same thing happenned to me last December. I took 50,000 units of Vit D for 3 months. I just had it tested again and it was back in the normal range, but the doctor said I sould continue to take the over-the-counter supplement.
    Makes me wonder how long that was going on! It took about 6 weeks, but I did start to feel better.

  5. Holly, I hope this helps with your fatigue. I had the same diagnosis and treatment Nov-Jan. Retested in Feb and now normal. I was somewhat less fatigued while on the really high doseage of vitamin D, but now that I am just taking the 800IU that is in my multivitamin, I am back to tired. But, I’m not typical, and I do know people who have been helped tremendously by this.

  6. Good luck with the vitamin D! Try taking some B, too! I like those emergen-c packets (they have some with b-complexes). I always feel like they give me a boost of energy! I think this is so important! I’m glad they checked your levels. 🙂

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