Finished Project of the Week – Victoria Sampler Lavender Hearts

Are you noticing a trend with my finished project posts?  Victoria Sampler and Teresa Wentzler?? 😀  This series of posts, called “Finished Project of the Week” are about projects finished prior to me starting a blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about them…  it’s kind of fun for me to reminisce about them.

I did this design right after learning to do hardanger – early 2000s?  I had also just learned how to reweave the threads on the sides to do hemstitching – I love purple and the minute I saw this one, I got it right away and it took me about a month to stitch.  Right now its hanging in my dining room:


Victoria Sampler Lavender Hearts

I just love the framing of this one.  The blue mat matches the blue in the silk purple/blue overdye called for in the design (Caron Waterlilies – Flagstone).

Shortly after, I was planning a trip to Banff, and BettyAB (I don’t know if she has a blog) invited us to visit her home in Calgary, about an hour from Banff.  I had plenty of leftover materials from Lavender Hearts, and stitched her the little ornament/pincushion option that was included in the leaflet and gave it to her.  This was the first time (and maybe the last?) I’d ever made my own cording…



I met Betty, her husband, and her daughter and had a wonderful dinner with them at her home.  I was fortunate enough to see so many of her finished pieces, along with a quilt she’d done with all of the Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Sttich kits.

If anyone knows that Betty has a blog, please send me the link so that I can include it!

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