Its so cute!

I made this little needleminder using the sheep pattern from my CCN Winter’s Eve ornament (see post below).  I had some tiny ornament forms that I used, put a magnet between the front and the back of the form, then stuck a magnet on back.  I thought it was so cute that I had a hard time giving it away….  I think the recipient liked it though, so it was worth it.  I’m thinking of making more with initials, or other small motifs as gifts for my stitching friends.



I actually dreamed last night that I was at Celebration of Needlework….   I was confused and kept missing my classes and forgetting to go to the registration area.  I have dreams like this all the time that take place in college or high school… where I’ve lost my schedule and realize at the end of the semester that I totally forgot about attending a class and am suddenly faced with the final exam…. but really… translating this dream to Celebration of Needlework just cannot be normal!?

So… I’m taking off Thursday morning and will spend three blissful days away from work with some of my favorite friends, a stitching shopping mall, and hours and hours of uninterrupted stitching and class-taking.  What could be better?



10 thoughts on “Its so cute!

  1. That turned out really well, Holly! It’s funny you had a dream like that because I seem to recall having a dream about forgetting all about a university class not that long ago, lol.

  2. Thank you, thank you for sending me the darling needleminder! It is better than cute, in real life!

    I was wondering how you made it! Maybe the next one you make you could take pictures and make us a little tutorial? Please?

  3. That is a great idea for a needleminder – never thought to make my own! very cute!

    Only 3 more sleeps now! 🙂

  4. What a great idea! I hope you don’t mind when I copy it!!!

    Doesn’t look like Celebrations is happening for me this year…. too bad… next year though!


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