Cute Little LNS in Fairfax, VA

I was pretty dismayed when I moved to Pennsylvania to find that there were no LNS’ in my immediate vicinity.  It’s not like there was in Indiana either… I happily would drive an hour to the wonderful House of Stitches because it was totally worth the trip.  I think my closest LNS might be in Baltimore, but haven’t really sought it out yet.

So, anyway, I’ve been spending time with a new friend in Reston, VA, and last weekend I googled and found a LNS about 10 miles from his house!  It took a little driving around to actually find it, but at last we found Stitcher’s Stash in Fairfax, VA!

It was a smaller LNS, but very cute with lots of great samplers, fibers, and fabric.  It was decorated nicely and had a cozy feel to it.  Unfortunately, nothing really jumped out at me and I left without purchasing anything.

Here are some pics…. these were taken with my phone so they aren’t super clear, but you get the idea…  If you click on their link above, you can learn more about the shop and there are lots more pictures there.

photo (5)

photo (7)

photo (4)

photo (6)

photo (10)

Check out some of the things on the upper shelves… little blue bottles, baskets, and that lamp in the middle of the store made it feel cozy inside.  Well, it was also pretty cold outside and nice and warm in the shop.

Even after visiting a LNS with me, I don’t think my new friend really understands the extent of the obsession… lol.  Even though I haven’t been stitching much, the obsession still is there and it has been pulling at me lately.  I might pull out some WIPs are put a few stitches in this week.  😀  He’s seen some of the things on my walls, but I haven’t showed him my stash yet.

If any of you are in the region of DC, Reston, or Fairfax, give me a shout as I’m always looking to make new stitching friends.

One thought on “Cute Little LNS in Fairfax, VA

  1. Hi. I *used to* live in Northern Virginia and it’s good to hear about Stitcher’s Stash – there had been a nice but tiny LNS maybe two blocks from there ten years or so ago that, sadly, had gone out of business last time I tried to visit it. (Uh, if you quilt as well as stitch, the Quilt Patch is very close to Stitcher’s Stash.)

    Next time you’re in NoVa, you might try Needlewoman East in Falls Church, which was my LNS for 25 years till I moved to NW PA about a bit over a year ago. Sally carries an amazing selection of wonderful fibers and fabrics.

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