Blog Disaster….

So Webshots, my photohosting site is going out of business on December 1, 2012. This means that every single picture in my blog is going to disappear and instead show just broken links. They are replacing this with a new paid service called “smile” and even though all of my photos were automatically moved to this new service, none of the albums were maintained and its just a gob of over 400 photos in random order and I can’t seem to figure out how to group them into albums.

So…… I picked a new service (flickr), downloaded everything from webshots, then uploaded it all to flickr. At least the download from webshots kept the pictures grouped in folders, so it was easy to just upload them already classified. What a PITA….

So, over the next few months (years??) I’ll just be updating all of the blog links as time allows. I’ll be starting from the most recent posts and working my way back. I’m over the initial shock and trauma…. and now have a plan, so I feel better. I think the hard part is going to be remembering what picture goes where in some of the previous posts. Hopefully I explained the pics fairly well.



10 thoughts on “Blog Disaster….

  1. Well… so far I’ve relinked all of my WIP pics, since i would never remember which pic was posted when and I can still see the old links. Now to just work my way through the rest of them. Its going faster than I thought it would. I’m sure I’ll burn out before too long!

  2. I’m sorry to see you going though this. I can’t even remember which freebie I was using, but the last time this happened I decided to just get my own domain and now I don’t have to worry about this. I also learned to save all my photos in an external hard drive the same way I have them set up on my domain. Hugs.

  3. I have all of m pics backed up. I thought this was supposed to happen December 1, but I notice that my blog still has pictures that I know I haven’t updated yet

  4. I have all those dratted “picture unavailable” piccies now too … all those years of blog posts I just don’t have the heart to go back and upload them all again somewhere else … will get around to it one day, I guess – I think it’s really crappy that they didn’t even send us a personal announcement of the closure 😦 Good luck with moving all the piccies over!

  5. I can not begin to imagine how difficult this task must be for you. If it gives you any help, I am one of many people who greatly appreciate your time and effort, and can’t begin to tell you how much those tutorials, etc help me. So keep up the awesome work!

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