Olympic Stitching

I love the Olympics.  I’ll watch sports that I had formerly no interest in… like fencing … just because its the Olympics and these are the best in the amateur world at their sport.  The only downside of the Olympics is Bob Costas.  He must be botoxed to the max because he only has one facial expression.

So, in my Olympic fervor, I decided that all time spent watching would also be devoted to my neglected Alpine Seasons.  I talk about it constantly in posts but rarely do any stitching!  I made some great progress and feel somewhat energized to keep working on it.

I started in the lower left hand corner, finishing that border!  I hate working with the perle silk that makes up some of the flower stems.  Love the color, but the twist and the curliness drove me crazy with the constant knotting and loss of length due to untwisting of the free end.  Ugh.  I actually like how it looks once its stitched tho.  I love the little corner flowers and especially the butterflies…

A larger corner view:


And here is a shot of the whole thing with the bottom left border finished. Note the empty upper right hand corner:


I moved the Qsnaps to the upper right hand corner and finished the inner border and started on the second inner border:


Once I get to the final quarter of this project, the inner borders will finally meet up (hopefully!!!) and I will only have to do the diagonal bits. 🙂 I hope to finish up the borders I’m doing now and keep going onto the mountain/tree/field parts. I can still finish this this year if I just keep working on it!


5 thoughts on “Olympic Stitching

  1. I love your new blog template and header – it’s so fresh and pretty!

    Your Alpine Seasons is looking great – I hope you are able to finish it this year – that would be a wonderful accomplishment!

    I watched some of the first week of the Olympics, but got busy at work, and didn’t watch anything during the second week. I love the Olympics, too!

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