Yep… It Was Epic

Last weekend, I attended a wonderful stitching get together and reconnected with old friends, met internet friends IRL, and made some wonderful new friends!

There was lots of laughing, hugs, nail polish discussion, yummy desserts (courtesy of  Hostess Susan), stitching,  and stash enhancement.

While there, I made some progress on my Lizzie Kate Living With Charm Band sampler… finished the words “Listen” and “Learn.”  I’m stitching this with DMC rather than the recommended thread and am really happy with it so far.  Plus, it was simple to stitch and allowed me a minimal amount of counting and concentration during Canadian glitterification (I’m still finding it  – most lately in the dryer filter) and other activities.


The colors are actually a little brighter IRL.

I was so inspired by the beautiful Chatelaine WIPS at the GTG, that I may just pull out Alpine Seasons again.

Looking forward to next year!


3 thoughts on “Yep… It Was Epic

  1. You wouldn’t believe the amount of glitter in my vacuum cleaner!

    I’m so glad you were able to come down earlier than the rest of the ladies; thank you for offering to stay longer, too. Thanks for listening, and for being there.

    I love your Lizzie Kate!

  2. Great progress on Lizzie Kate hon. It was wonderful to meet and get to know you.
    I can’t imagine who left all that glitter around. At least I won’t be forgotten quickly.
    Would you please send me your email address so I can send you an invite to September’s get together.

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