Just Nan Limited Edition Tin – Snow

I just finished up a spur-of-the- moment, completely unplanned project!  I was going through my stash and ran across a Just Nan Limited Edition Tin and decided that it would intimidate me no longer…  I bought it a couple of years ago not because I’m a big fan of cardinals, but more because I liked the fabric color and the snowflakes.

Here is how the tin turned out.  This is by far my best ever attempt at joining twisted cording and honestly, I think it was just an accident that it turned out KINDA good.


Here’s a side view.  The sides of the tin came pre-decorated with paper on the sides.  I added the top, the twisted cording, and the ribbon along the lid edge.  I love the little jewel center.  The gold round exterior and the interior red bead came separately and you thread them together when attaching them.


This kit also came along with a pattern for a little needlebook accessory that matches. The pretty interior wool came with the kit and the directions were to attach the wool to the stitching using a blanket stitch. I’ve done decorative blanket stitches (thousands of them, I would venture), but never use them to join fabric. They are a little rough, but the OUTSIDE of the needlebook looks good! Its a tiny little mitten!


This design was stitched so that it folds over so that the back of the book matches the front.

And here is the interior….


Here are the two of them together.


I have enough of the pretty blue fabric (Weeks 30 count “Sky”) that I can someday stitch the round top again and finish it as an ornament…. someday.  The top was actually stitched TWICE already, since I wasn’t happy with it the first time round.  The stitches looked bunched up and uneven… partly because this fabric is a little hard to work with (I prefer something stiffer), but mostly because I used a needle that was too large.

4 thoughts on “Just Nan Limited Edition Tin – Snow

  1. What a Great Finish! I have this in my to-do mountaint to! and I must admit it intimidates me also. But seeing your finish just might give me the push to get mine done too!

  2. Your little JN finish is the cutest thing ever!! It is so pretty in person. And you’ve inspired me to dig mine out and see about stitching/finishing it!

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