Too Much Time On My Hands

I am not very good at orgami.  I’m too impatient, I think, however when surfing around the web, I came across pictures of paper bows on How About Orange blog to make paper bows  They were so cute that I followd the link and found the instructions on Let’s Create blog.

I dug out my origami paper and after several hours, ended up with this:


In another hour, I ended up with this:


The part I struggled with is where you make the little square that ends up at the center of the bow as evidenced by the crunched up square on the blue bow.  Its like an inside fold, while doing an outside fold at the same time… and the ones I actually finished were just pure luck.  After these two, I decided to do another in pink and I couldn’t do it again!  I’m kind of obsessed with figuring this out.

For any of you origami people, any tips on how to do that fold?  Its the one on the link where you “push down the little square.”

Help!  This is driving me nuts…


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