grrrr… Allstate Commercial

Isn’t there a reason why teenaged BOYS have higher insurance rate than girls?  The fact that a MAN is playing this role pisses me off even more.  The little wink he gives at the end… is that supposed to make me feel better?  I’ve been to the Allstate web page, trying to lodge a complaint, but you have to call their 800  number and get a username and password to contact them by e-mail.

Video link below… am I over-reacting?


5 thoughts on “grrrr… Allstate Commercial

  1. It is a dumb ass stereotype. But being TV it’s not like expect anything better.

    Cute story, how well trained my husband is about my feminist rants & proof some of it has sunk in.

    Jerk on TV babbling about Favre. Said something along the lines of sending a girl you met in a bar a pic of your penis is ok. A woman you work with not so much.

    My husband literally cringed and turned to look at me, he knew I was going to go through the roof. lol

  2. I have a teenage daughter who drives and another teenage daughter who just got her learner’s permit. When this commercial pops up on our TV, we turn it off. So, no, I don’t think you are over-reacting. HATE the stupid female stereotype so much. Pretty sure it shows in the way I’ve raised my girls.

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