Parental Visit

My parents, now retired, split their time between my home town in NY and the town in Oklahoma where they moved my senior year of high school.  Since they were driving, they took a little detour to spend a day or two with me before they continued on their way.  It was nice, as it was only the second time since I’ve moved to Indiana 6 years ago that they came to visit me, rather than the other way around. They were really only here for two nights, we hung out, ate out, and did some shopping, but there were two things that really stood out for me.

A few weeks ago, my father called me to tell me that my grandfather was joining my grandmother at the nursing home and that they would be cleaning out their house to put on the market.  He asked me if I wanted anything, and after puzzling for a moment, I asked if there were any of the felt ornaments around that my grandmother had made over the years.  Apparently, in her younger days, she was an ornament making machine, as every year a new felt ornament would be given to her kids’ families.  So, all through my youth, all of the Christmas trees in the family would look very similar, decorated with all of these hand made ornaments.  I had a couple, but knew that there were many more than I didn’t have.

So, the ornaments that she had on her tree were found and split up between me and a couple of the other grandkids who had expressed interest.  My parents brought them to me and I was thrilled to get what I did!


There were also a bunch of other plastic canvas ornaments that she did in her later years. One of them had a magnet on the back so its now on my fridge. 🙂

The other fun thing, besides just hanging out and talking with them, was that my mother taught me to crochet a granny square. I can crochet, but whenever I’d tried to make one of these from written instructions, I’d end up with a tangled mess of yarn. I understood what I needed to do, but actually executing it just never quite worked. So.. now I know how to make a granny square! Here’s my practice one that she helped me with:


So all in all, a fun visit!


5 thoughts on “Parental Visit

  1. Those ornaments are cute, Holly, and they will bring memories of your grandmother for years to come.

    The granny square is cute! I don’t know how to crochet, but have always wanted to learn how to do a granny square.

    I’m glad you had a fun visit with your parents!

  2. What lovely memories you have in those ornaments! I treasure the things that my Grandmother made, also.

    good job onthe granny square! I made tons of those in high school, and made vest and other things out of them. My sister even started making a bedspread for me out of the granny squares….but 35 years later it still isn’t finished….

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