Teal is Nice but Lavender is Better

So, I worked a bit more on the whitework on my birth sampler and just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted it to be lavender.  This is especially because all of the pictures I’ve seen of my new neice look like pink threw up all over her.  She’s still cute, but her parents are obviously into the pink girly colors.  I don’t particularly care for pink though, and since lavender is one of my favorite colors, I figured it was a good compromise.

So, Friday night I got in a mood and pulled out all of the teal ribbon.  This involved removing tons of beads… one by one because they were stitched over the teal ribbon.  I got all of the ribbon replaced Saturday morning… then the beads…. then I realize that her name is off center by two stitches and will have to be frogged and redone. Plus I think the letters look kind of bumpy since I used two threads instead of one because I didn’t think it was easy to read with the one thread.  I think I forgot to chart the “y” in her name and that is why… although I remembered to stitch it with the y.

Yes, I realize that I’m being a bit obsessive about this piece…

So here it is….lavender…


I did the best I could on picking a matching floss color…. there didn’t seem to be anything exactly the same shade as the ribbon, so I went with 210.

Now I am happy with it.

12 thoughts on “Teal is Nice but Lavender is Better

  1. I love the lavender! Beautiful. 😀 If you want the name to stand out a bit better, I think it would be fine to go with a darker shade in the same color family. It would still look like it belongs.

  2. Love it!! Purple is one of my favorite colors, but I never would have thought of that. It is a perfect girly alternative to pink, and it looks awesome!

  3. It looks really, really good Holly. I know your niece will love it (when she’s old enough to appreciate such things) and so will her parents. 🙂

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