Sweetheart Tree Finish and Opinions Needed!

I finally finished up the Sweetheart Tree Stitcher’s Favorite Biscornu last night!



I modified the back, as I normally do if the back is a repeat of the front. I also usually like to do a beaded edge on my biscornus, but I had some leftover teeny buttons and decided I wanted those on the corners, so just stitched up the edges without beads. I’m pretty happy with it! I also stitched up the matching fob as part of the 2009 Christmas Ornament Project:



So…. my brother and his wife are having their first baby girl (after 3 boys) later this month and I was suddenly struck by the desire to do a birth sampler for her. Her name will be Sadie Grace and she’ll be my first neice. So, of course, I immediately thought of the Victoria Sampler Heirloom Birth Sampler and remembered that I had started it many years ago and just never finished it. I had started it for a boy, though, and as you can see from the pics below, the “leaves” in the rose wreath at the top are a teal color, and the rest of the color on the piece is a matching teal.  If it had been started for a girl, it was charted with pink leaves with matching pink for the rest of the sampler. I would want to use peach or lavender for a girl, but I’m wondering if I can get away with just using either of these colors for the rest (would replace the teal band, which is just ribbon woven through the hemstitching).  Leaves ARE green/teal, afterall, but I would need to find a way to tie in the peach or lavender used in the rest of the piece to the top wreath.   One idea is to do an additional ribbon rose in the center of the wreath in the right color.  Pulling out the leaves that are already stitched is just not an option….  I’d have to take out the beads too, and I think the fabric would just look terrible…  I’m trying to find a way to NOT have to start over.   The fabric here is actually platinum, but it looks much lighter in real life!

All opinions/advice are appreciated… even if you think I need to just start over!



12 thoughts on “Sweetheart Tree Finish and Opinions Needed!

  1. First, the biscornu is wonderful. 🙂
    Second, the sampler. Because the design is very muted, I think I would be inclined to use the lavender. I would not change the top at all. Just the band with the teal ribbon running through it and anything that comes after. The top will just look like it’s supposed to be flowers with green leaves.

  2. I agree w/ Cheryl on both counts. The sampler is lovely as is, and will be beautiful w/ lavender instead of teal for the rest. It’s elegantly feminine now!

  3. Congratulations on the biscornu finish – it’s really lovely!

    As for the baby sampler…

    My vote is for the peach ribbon. Leave the big floral area as is, obviously; remove the teal ribbon that’s threaded through that section, and replace it with the peach.

    Continue on, using peach wherever teal is called for.

    Now, as far as the center of the design – does the chart call for a button or something in there? I wouldn’t add another ribbon rose, but it looks like there is something in there in the chart. Maybe you can find a heart button or something in the peach color?

    Whatever you do, I think it would look fabulous!

  4. I think it is fine as is too! Reweave the teal ribbon with lavendar if you like, but leave the top as is – it is plenty feminine considering it has all those white roses.

    Love the biscournu and fob too.

  5. Love the biscornu!

    As for the sampler… why not continue with the teal? It’s elegant and the overall design is on the feminine side with all the flowers and such 🙂

    (Otherwise, my vote goes to the peach if you really really want to change)

  6. The biscornu and fob are really cute!
    Now I may be in the minority, but I don’t really get the pink for girls, blue for boys thing. (Thought that died in the 50s! lol)
    Since Sweetheart Tree designs generally tend to be very lacey and pretty I say there’s no problems sticking with the teal. It’s very pretty.
    If you’re bound and determine to change, then just leave the teal at the top and go with the lavender. Keeps the delicate theme. I think the peach is a bit too garish. Either way, this is such a lovely piece! Your niece is a lucky girl!

  7. Great finish!

    I also have Heirloom Birth Sampler started. At the time that I started it, there was only a girl to stitch for. Now I am seriously behind and there is a girl *and* a boy. If I was as far along as you were, we could trade LOL 🙂

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