Finished Project of the Week – The Mittens

This is a series of posts where I feature projects finished long before I ever had a blog to post them on.  In looking through all of the finished cross stitch pictures on my webshots page, I realize that this might be one of the last FPOTW posts I’ll ever do!

The following are pictures of some Mill Hill Charmed Mitten Kits that I stitched a few years ago.  They are so cute and I love the way they look on my Christmas Tree!  I never really finished the back of them, but someday I might stick some sort of felt or fabric to the back….

I modified the designs slightly to make a beaded hanger with the leftover beads instead of using just plain embroidery floss.  These were fun, quick stitches!




I actually have more of these patterns in my stash, but I haven’t really been inspired to work on them.  Maybe I feel like I have enough mittens on my smallish Christmas Tree as it is??

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