Finished Project of the Week – Friendship Collaboration

This is a series of posts where I put up pics and talk about projects that I finished long before I ever had a blog to share them on.

I stitched this beautiful pattern for a friend of mine waaaaay back in 2001!  It is a collaboration project between Shepherd’s Bush, Charland Designs, and Just Nan.  I just love the colors!

Considering how bad my finishing skills were back then (virtually non-existant!) I’m surprised at how good this turned out!  Probably the key reason was that I stitched it on fabric banding, so no need to finish up the edges.  I had just learned hardanger so added that to the pattern at the bottom and I don’t even remember how I managed to tuck under the ends so that they looked this nice!

Apologies for the picture quality.. it appears that I scanned it in multiple sections then fitted the scans together!  🙂


The quote, in case you can’t read it, says “Though Far Apart, Still Close in Heart, Friends We’ll Ever Be.”  I stitched this for my best friend and roommate from college, Cori.

I love going back and looking at old project finsihes.  It makes me remember what was going on when I stitched them.  I remember stitching this one in Spokane, Washington, shortly after my former husband had been transferred to Northern Idaho for work.  We were living in an apartment  for the summer while our house there was being built. That was a oh-so-interesting time of my life!

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