Finished Project of the Week- Just Nan

This is the latest in a long running series of projects  I’ve finished before I started a blog.  This week is a couple of Just Nan designs…  the first two of which are languishing in my Finished But Not Finished bag…  These are so pretty and I think will become pinkeeps to give as holiday gifts.. someday.

Amethyst Snowflake:


Snow Business:


The next pic is a cute little design that I saw somewhere online a long time ago, decided I had to have it, found that it had been a special edition design, and was no longer in print!  I searched the web far and wide, found the kit, then finished it and gave it as an ornament to my sister.

Fairy Violets:


I have a few more Just Nan Designs in my stash… the Floral 15 biscornu and one of her Over The Top Tins.  I’m eyeing the new Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball… love it but think it might be beyond my finishing skills… it might be a mute point though as it is already sold out!


7 thoughts on “Finished Project of the Week- Just Nan

  1. Love the Just Nan’s specially Fairy Violets! Not sure if they still have some but I picked up Just Nan Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball from 123stitch just last week.

  2. They are all gorgeous!
    Are you willing to sell the Amethyst chart – or do you still have it? I have been trying to find that for some time now… Any other Just Nans would you be willing to sell?

    Pirjo from Finland

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