Post Unemployment Stitching and Stash Enhancement

OK, so I’ve been unemployed now for about a month and have barely done any stitching!  I’m working right now on a frog pattern for a friend of mine… its pretty small and I hope to finish it this week:

So far I have the purple frog and half of the orange frog finished.  Its kind of annoying to stitch though, this is a dimensions kit came with aida fabric, so no quarter stitches were charted for the edges of the frogs.  I replaced the fabric with white linen so am having to rechart a little as I go as I cannot abide by half stitches extended beyond the backstitched lines as shown in the photo above.  🙂  I’m such a snob.

I’m feeling extra motivated to finish this up because I want to do a Victoria Sampler pattern!  I’ve had the VS Heirloom Stitching Sampler leaflet for over a year and can’t start it becuase I haven’t purchased fabric or the accessory pack.  I was inspired to get going on this by Christine’s fabulous progress!  So yesterday I made the one hour trek to House of Stitches and picked up what I needed to get started.  I spent about 2 hours this morning separating out all of the threads and becoming utterly confused by the difference between “Gray Brown” and “Gray Green Dark,” both of which just looked brown to me.  They had different yardages, so its not like I could just pick one and go with it either because if I picked the wrong name to go with the color, I’d end up short while stitching.  Finally I found that the VS website gives the yardages of each color, so I was able to figure that out.  At one point it seemed that I had an extra color, too, but I got that figured out after an additional half hour of puzzling.

Also, while at House of Stitches, I picked up leaflets and fabric for Lizzie Kate’s 2008  Double Flip Living with Charm.  This calls for several overdyes but I’m planning to stitch it with just DMC as I don’t think it will make much difference…  plus my income right now consists of unemployment from the State of Indiana (yay!  I was approved!) and after all of my other purchases, couldn’t justify spending the extra cash.  I’m doing the whole thing as a banner.  I’m not normally a fan of Lizzie Kate, but I happen to really like this one!

So…. I’ve got lots of stitching to do! 

I did have an interview last week for a temporary job which I think I’m a good fit for, but found out today that they offered the job to someone else last week.  The person hasn’t accepted the offer yet and I guess if it doens’t work out with that person, I’m still in strong contention for the job.

(Edited to fix multiple spelling errors!)


7 thoughts on “Post Unemployment Stitching and Stash Enhancement

  1. I adore the Victoria Sampler Heirloom piece – I can’t wait to see your start on this one. I’m with you – I’m not a huge Lizzie Kate fan, but sometimes she does design something really cute that is irresistable.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get offered the position. 😦 – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the other person turns it down, or is a lousy fit LOL

  2. I love the bright colours of the frogs! I hope you enjoy stitching Heirloom Stitching Sampler. It actually goes quite quickly. Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my (very soon to be finished) piece! In case you missed my reply to your comment on my last post, I used the 28ct Raw Cashel Linen the design called for.

    Best wishes for your job hunt!

  3. Cute frog pattern! I’m like you and cannot abide those half stitches sticking out either and I’m have to fix it too! 🙂

    Glad you are going to make a start on Heirloom Stitching Sampler, I need to get in some more progress on mine. 🙂

  4. I’ve been watching Christine’s progress on HSS, too. Sooooo gorgeous! Now, I’ll get to watch the progress on your blog (that was shameless hinting for progress pics in case you didn’t catch it). Frogs are very cute and bright!

    Good luck with the job search. Locally it seems that businesses are slowly beginning to hire again. I hope it’s a national trend!

  5. Best of luck with your job search 🙂

    I was off for 7 months last year and thought that I would get so much stitching done…but it was quite the opposite. Take time for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it (this is the voice of experience speaking with 20/20 hindsight vision)!

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