A Sweet Little Finish…

Here is Sweetheart Tree’s “Pink Flowers on Gingham” finished as a biscornu:




These aren’t really the best pictures, but I took about 20 of them and then decided just to do the best with what I had. 🙂  I stitched up the side using the pink beads on every other stitch.  Its not obvious in these pictures, but this is stitched on pretty pink and white gingham linen  Besides the linen though, it didn’t call for anything special.. just DMC and mill hill beads.  It was a fun, quick stitch and a perfect pick-me-up for my unemployed status and also for impending spring.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I stitched this again someday as an ornament or a pincushion.

7 thoughts on “A Sweet Little Finish…

  1. The button and the little crystals were included with the leaflet, then I ordered a second set so that the top and bottom would look the same.

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