Goodbye Watchmaker Cases…

I loathe the watchmakers cases I’ve been using to store my beads in.  The lids don’t fit right unless you bend the bases enough to make the lids stick… and last time I went to look for beads, I opened one of the cases to find that most of the beads had somehow spilled out of their individual containers and were a mixed mess. So, over the weekend I was in Joanne’s and saw this!


The individual containers are clear and have screw top lids! I bought two! I did a little bead organizing today and ended up with this:


Yep – those are all of the beads I have (not very many, I know).  I used a fine-tipped sharpie to write the bead numbers on the lids.  I might try to find some tiny sticky labels for future use, but for now, I’m happy with this. Over the weekend I worked on a little piece that I ordered from House of Stitches.  It’s Sweetheart Tree’s Pink Flowers on Gingham:


Isn’t it pretty?  I love that gingham linen!  I’m going to stitch it again and make a biscornu (It came with a heart shaped button for the center which isn’t attached yet).  I knew my friend Susan would like it and sent one to her also and we’ve been doing a stitch along together.  I also ordered SHT’s new Colonial Roses Biscornu. I won’t be getting any new stash anytime soon.  I lost my job last week and just can’t justify anything new when I’ve got so many things I can start and work on in my stash already. Its finally warming up here!  I went out today without a coat!  The piles of snow are melting!  I’m looking for crocus…..


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Watchmaker Cases…

  1. Cool bead storage! I use plastic containers (different type), too. I find them so much better/easier than those metal things.

    Pink Flowers is really pretty!

    Sorry about your job. I hope something new and better comes your way soon. ((((Holly))))

  2. Sorry to hear about yuor job {{{hugs}}}
    Love the new bead storage, and the SHT piece is lovely. Great photos in your last post – can’t believe I’ll be in vegas and going to Hoover Damm in a month!

  3. I got the same bead storage box several weeks ago (had a 40% off coupon at Michaels–yay!) and really like it. I wrote the numbers on round neon pink labels and put them on the lids, and they look great. Last week I had a 50% off coupon, again at Michaels, and got another box. Beading is relatively new to me, but I love the process and the look. So glad to have the boxes. They, along with my Tacky BOB, make me wish I’d been beading long before now.

    Bless your heart about losing your job. I’m thinking positive thoughts that things will get better.

  4. I’ve been away from blogland for the past couple of weeks, so I’m just getting caught up.

    I like the new bead storage system you have – I don’t have that many beads, so I’ve always just kept them in the original containers that they come in – not the most convenient method, but as I said, I don’t have many beads, and don’t often have a need to use them.

    Thanks again for sending me the Sweetheart Tree design – I hope to get my biscornu finished up this weekend, and then I might actually feel up to blogging.

    {{{hugs}}} again about the job – I hope something wonderful turns up soon.

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