I got a new Scrabble board from my parents for Christmas – the LL Bean one. When I put it away with the others, I started to wonder if I had a problem, then took a pic:


I’ve decided that I don’t have a problem yet….  but whenever I see a new version, I’m tempted to buy it.  I don’t know why since you can only play one at a time.  I also have a computer game and play it on facebook occasionally too.

I started playing in the summer of 1987 when my family relocated to Oklahoma.  We had to wait on the house closing so we lived in a Holiday Inn for most of the summer.  We got a Scrabble board and started playing by the pool a lot.  I probably really got into it when I was married to someone who could beat me most of the time.  I got better and I used to play with my last boyfriend, who used flashcards to memorize the two letter words!  When he and I played, it was anyone’s game.

However, I no longer have anyone to play with.  😦  I need to see if there’s a group in the area that gets together.  I hear there used to be a group at either Borders or Barnes and Noble on Sunday nights.

Feel free to challenge me on Facebook!

3 thoughts on “Scrabble

  1. I suck at Scrabble (don’t say anything – I won’t admit to my dh or son) lol. But I do have the super nice table top version with the wood & brass etc. It’s always set up in the upstairs family room; which is right by the guest room. So next time you come down to visit Susan you’ll have to come a little further south and stay with me for a couple of days. We’ll play Scrabble & I’ll “let” you beat me. 😉

  2. I suck at Scrabble, too! I have a hard time coming up with words. I’m such a competitive person that I refuse to play a game I know I’m going to lose! We have a basic scrabble game at home; I think I’ve played it twice with E. I can beat him, but he’s only 9 years old, so I don’t think that really counts.

    I hope you can find a local group that meets regularly, or maybe you could start one up yourself. Maybe enquire at your local bookstore to see if you can organize something there. Good luck!

    As far as the comment about only being able to play one game at a time – you can only drive one car at a time, but that doesn’t stop people from collecting cars! LOL

  3. I love scrabble and I’m decent at it but I haven’t memorized all those 2-letter words that people like you use to beat me! When I was growing up there was only one style of board … which we balanced on a pie pan to turn it. I remember games with my parents and older sister at our cottage on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. As an adult, I played often with my mom and stepfather Sandy MacColl (a primary founder of Group Health Cooperative in Seattle). He was a brilliant player who put out a seven-letter “Scrabble” (some call it “bingo”) almost every game — and a couple of times put out three in one game. There was nothing to do but be in awe. Thanks for triggering the memories!

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