What Do You Do With Your Biscornus?

This is another Sweetheart Tree Biscornu (Lavender Blossoms) I finished up a few nights ago:




This was a fun stitch… as you can see I simplified the back, which is designed to look just like the front.

I was so excited about receiving the Sweetheart Tree Stitcher’s Favorite Biscornu and Scissor Fob kits that I started them right away!  I’ve decided that the scissor fob will be my September ornament and finished stitching one side of it tonight.  I’ll post pics once its finished up as an ornament.  It is a quick stitch, any the tiny size makes it even more cute!

So, I have finished four biscornus total.  One I put a hanger on and gave as a Christmas gift last year, but the rest are just sitting in my bag of stitched stuff.  What should I do with them?  I could finish them as ornaments too, but it just seems like I should be able to do something with them so I can see them all year.   A friend suggested putting them in a basket, but I have two kitties that would just LOVE to bat those around on the kitchen floor.

So… what do you do with your biscornus?

10 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Your Biscornus?

  1. I’ve given away all my biscornus to date. One day, I would love to have a collection of them in a basket, but I know that’s not feasible for you.

    So, I recommend that you do what I do with my collection of exchange pieces, etc. I have a small hanging wall shelf that I use to display my smalls; I think you can find them pretty cheaply, and it would be a lovely to place to display your growing collection of biscornus.

    I love your lavender one! I have the kit in my stash, but haven’t gotten around to starting it as yet. I love your finish.

  2. Oh, Holly it turned out so beautiful!

    In your situation a basket of biscornus isn’t the way to go…if the kitties didn’t play football with them they’d probably take naps on them! I’ve seen on other blogs where people have used those giant glass containers with lids, like you’d expect old-time candy stores to have? The stitching on display looked great and the lid keeps it dust free. Be sure to let us know when you have figured something out!

  3. Very pretty – the one biscournu I have was gifted to me in an exchange and I occasionally use it as a pin cushion when I’m sewing. 🙂

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