Knitting Update and a Little Stitching

I finally finished my scarf. 🙂 I’m still not sure if I’ll do anything to finish it off, but I did like Missy‘s idea of chainstitching some sort of eyelash type fiber and sewing around the edges.

However, I’ve learned that stockinette stitch likes to curl up, which is a little annoying for a first project:

I might try some other pattern next time I feel like knitting up a scarf.

I finished side one of Sweetheart Tree’s Lavender Blossoms biscornu:


This is very sparkly in real life. I’ve started the back, which is supposed to be the same, but life is too short to repeat the whole thing (I would if it were different), so I’ll do the center motif, the border, the rhodes hearts and the fans in the corners and skip all of those vines.  I’ll probably put those giant pretty beads on too.  If I had to do this again, I’d skip the platinum fabric that comes with the kit and do it on white or antique white fabric.

I’ve discovered the ultimate multi-task!  I really wanted to read the new Dan Brown book, but didn’t want to take precious stitching time away to read, so I got the CDs!  I wasn’t sure if I could concentrate on both at the same time, but I can!  It makes me feel soooo productive and has the added advantage of drowning out the annoying football noises coming from the TV.  I was surprised tho, to find that the abridged version of the book is about 6 hours.  The unabridged (which I got) is over 17 hours.  How can you cut 11 hours out and still have the same book??  I’m baffled.  Anyway, I’m enjoying it and see many trips to the library for audio books in my future.

6 thoughts on “Knitting Update and a Little Stitching

  1. Congrats on the scarf finish! And before the cold weather starts too. 😀

    Sweetheart Tree never photographs well. I was blown away when I saw her models in Louisville. I’ve bought 6-7 more of her patterns since.

    Lucky you, I’ve tried to stitch & listen at the same time and I just don’t have the knack for it.

  2. Congratulations on your scarf finish!

    I have listened to books on CD in the car a few times, and have found myself so intrigued by the story that I would arrive at my destination and sit in the car a while longer to finish the chapter 🙂 I have stayed away from abridged versions, though, because of what you mentioned. I don’t want to miss anything!!

  3. Have to admit I tried talking books on loan from the library to see if I liked them, and found they’re fantastic! I have to admit to preferring to hold a physical book, but then I have to give up my stitching … books on tape/CD + stitching at the same time = one happy stitcher/reader! 😀 Since then I’ve joined Audible and get two new books every month, so now I’m spoilt for choice with what to read 🙂

    Your ST biscornu is looking great – I’d have to agree with not wanting to stitch all those vines on the bottom side … your plans sound perfect 😀

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