July Ornament!!

This is Mill Hill’s Icy Snowflake:
I love these ornaments….. they stitch up quick and are easy to finish.  (I did one of these for my February Ornament also)  The kit actually came with a pretty crystal to go in the center, which I promply lost and had to replace it with another mill hill blue treasure that I had in my stash.  It matched, and I’m happy with it.  I noticed that there’s now a series of these type of designs that are halloween themed.

I’ve got a vacation planned in a couple of weeks and will probably work on my August ornament during the trip.  I’ve got a couple designs in mind, but today started toying with doing this design by Teresa Layman:

Yep…. that’s all french and colonial knots.  I know… its insane, but I love the design and and I saw a model stitched up when I bought the kit.  🙂  I’d recommend visiting her page (linked above) and reading about her.  Pretty interesting…  I took a bullion class from her at Celebration of Needlework so in addition to the neat stuff about her on her page, he’s also a nice person and a patient teacher.  Anyway, the instructions say that there are approximately 1100 knots per square inch and its 3-1/2 by 2-5/8 inches.  The pattern is actually printed on the fabric, so no counting or anything…. just lots of knots!  We’ll see how long my patience lasts….

6 thoughts on “July Ornament!!

  1. Pretty! I love Mill Hill. I don’t stitch nearly enough of them. Their designs I mean, I stitch tons of their beads all over everything.

    Keep us updated on Snow White. I’ve got two of these that I still need to start… What kind of hoop/frame are you going to use?

  2. Love the ornament – very delicate and pretty. 🙂

    I hope you are brave and do the Teresa Layman design. I’m still trying to find the nerve to finish off a button or two from the class we took. I should really do that and make refrigerator magnets out of them as we ditched all our magnets when we began selling our house last year.

  3. Gorgeous ornament!

    And good luck with all the french knots. It’s been my experience that patience comes in short bursts. Use the bursts when they come.

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