Alpine Seasons Update

I have been SO BAAAD about blogging…. primarily because I haven’t been stitching as much as normal and don’t have a whole lot to show….  Unfortunately, I’ve been playing Mafia Wars on MySpace for a couple of months and this has seriously interefered with my stitching time…

So, here is the last progress pic I posted:


and here is where I am now:


So… not a whole lot of progres, but I don’t have much left of the border to do, then I’ll be onto the fun stuff!

This project has reminded me of my love/hate relatioship with perle silk.

Love:  luscious colors, soft feel, pretty pretty stitches  🙂

Hate:  curly off the card, hard to lay due to fiber spring, tangles also do to curlyness, constant attention required to keep twist  😦

The Hate Parts can be alleviated by dampening the length and running it through your fingers, tho, so its not all bad.  🙂

In other news, I booked my summer vacation and am off to the mountains again!!  Colorado this time!  I lived in Denver for a summer in college while doing and internship, so I’m a little familiar wih the area.  Right now I’m trying to get in shape for hiking by doing lots of cardio.. I wonder how much good it does when you are starving for oxygen at 10,000 feet???

Anyone know of a good LNS in Colorado?


4 thoughts on “Alpine Seasons Update

  1. Alpine Seasons looks fantastic, Holly!

    Enjoy your holiday in Colorado! Last time I went to Colorado it was such a hot summer in Oklahoma, I was really looking forward to that cold mountain air. It was 106 at Pikes Peak!

  2. I’ve never been to Colorado, so no help on the LNS suggestion. I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

    You’re making pretty good progress on AS – the colors are lovely.

  3. I really enjoy seeing your progress on Alpine Seasons! It does make me feel a bit guilty about neglecting mine, though…LOL!

    I absolutely LOVE Colorado…have an awesome time there! Which part are you going to? There are only two LNS I have managed to visit there…Sara’s of Breckenridge (mostly needlepoint) and Edelweiss Needlework Chalet in Pagosa Springs. We have never been in Denver long enough to make it to any of them around there. Please do post if you find any good ones, though!!

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