Sooo Tempting!

Have you seen the latest Victoria Sampler Exclusive Cyberclass?

Mermaid Song:

OMG I love love love this and have always been happy with the VS Cyberclasses that I’ve taken, which were for exclusive designs that I had to have NOW.  I didn’t think I needed help with stitching the designs, but followed the classes anyway and picked up so many great tips!  Anyway, while I do love the design, my hopes for this cyberclass would be that the finishing instructions were more in depth than what is normally in the leaflets.

I decided to pass this time, mainly because I don’t really want any distractions from some of the stitching goals I have right now.

Anyone taking this cyberclass?

6 thoughts on “Sooo Tempting!

  1. I’d love to do this one, but I really need to work on all my other class pieces, before I can commit to something else!

    Ask me again next week!

  2. Why did you show me this?!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arghhhhhhhhhhh……….. want want want want. And I can’t!!!!!! :sob: I just broke a rule today and bought a chart. Along with threads that weren’t 100% necessary.

    Off to cry in a corner…


  3. Holly! I had no idea you were such an enabler… though maybe I should have guessed when I came home from CON with VS’s Heirloom Stitching Sampler – I blame it entirely on you! LOL

    It is gorgeous, but I think I’m going to pass right now too. I have so much stuff in my WIP pile needing attention and several more in the stash that are wanting to be started. Can’t promise it won’t ever find its way into my stash though. 🙂 🙂

  4. I decided to be good and not sign up for this right away, since I haven’t done much on the last two Cyberclasses I took and I know it will be available as a class for a while (and fairly likely a chart at some point in the future). But it sure is popular as they ran out of kits due to material being on backorder.

    I really do want to take this at some point, though. I saw the model as it was being designed a couple of years ago and even then I knew it would be beautiful!

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