2009 Ornament Update

I’m still not stitching a whole lot, and haven’t felt motivated to pull out any of my larger projects, but I was feeling bad about getting behind on my 2009 Ornament Project, so I’ve stitched these over the last two weekends:

Stitched in June, but will be called the May ornament:


Brittercup’s Poinsettia from JCS 2007 Christmas Ornaments

Just Nan A Little Joy From JCS 2002 Ornaments

I have to say, the Just Nan is my favorite of the 2009 ornaments so far.  It’s pretty sparkly IRL and I love the checked fabric.  🙂   Each of these were stitched over a weekend and I think will be easy to finish – whenever I get around to it.  I’ll have an Ornament Finishing Extravaganza on the next rainy weekend.  😀

6 thoughts on “2009 Ornament Update

  1. Woo hoo! I love the Just Nan ornament – it was nice to see it in person – I can’t believe how quickly you finished up the lttle over one section.

  2. I love the Joy ornament too! I mean to get to that one every year and somehow I don’t – I think it is that I don’t have the frame or the checked fabric in my stash, so I always go for something I can do NOW. It is gorgeous though and might be worth actually hunting down the supplies. 🙂

  3. That Just Nan ornie is probably my favourite ornie of all-time – photos don’t do it justice … in real life they’re even prettier! 😀

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